She’s hard to swallow.  

Rachel Atlas has a complicated relationship with danger. From teenage stripper to sword swallower, from accidental dominatrix to knife-thrower’s assistant, she’s never been able to resist living on the edge.

In this riotously funny, debut solo show, expect to be thrilled by world-class stunts, raw humour and the heart-warming journey of a dangerous woman finally finding safety.  

Rachel Atlas is an internationally renowned circus performer and a veteran of the vaudeville and Fringe Festival circuits the world over. “Gag Reflex” is her first autobiographical work: lifting the curtain on her fascinating life of salacious sexual exploits, bad trips, worse men, and, of course, death-defying misadventures.  

A thrilling, titillating, tear-jerking theatre experience not to be missed. 

*Recommended for ages 16+, contains swearing, explicit stories and reference to drugs and sexual assault.